Monday, January 9, 2012

Gothic Glass

Gothic Glass is owned by Angie Chase of Nova Scotia. She appears to be a pixie of a gal and as light and breezy as her shop represents. 

Angie and I "met" on Twitter and we had some shared passions and friendly exchanges. This led to me looking into her shop on Etsy. I was very impressed and interested in this unique lady and the beauty found within her shop.

First thing that struck me was the name of her shop.  Gothic Glass. A fellow fan of historical appreciation for stained glass, I could not click the link on her page quickly enough! Angie chose a name that reflected the architectural history of stained glass. The Gothic style was an expression appealing to the emotions as seen in its characteristic pointed arch, ribbed vault, flying buttress and most notably, the Rose window. The same light that refracted stained glass centuries ago still holds the same inner glow and timeless presentation today. 

Angie was born in  Berwick, NS on August 10th. Her beginnings in glass debuted during summer employment while attending Acadia University. Merelys Williams of Fancy Glass & Crafts in Grand Pre was her mentor. Angie felt a natural affinity in working with glass that  led to three consecutive summers working with and learning from Merelys.  She later instituted her  own home-based business in 1988.

Growing bored with patterns, Angie developed her own which resulted in  signature appeal that is seen in her work. Guiding her creations  from her spiritual beliefs, she re-creates those symbolic intra-connections in my designs.  She says she is connected to Mother Earth and celebrates her through Gothic Glass.

Working with glass can be a sharp daunting task if one becomes tired or lets their guard down. Angie has respect for the material she works with . While she wears a safety glasses, face mask and constructs in a well ventilated area, she refuses to wear gloves both in the studio as well as garden. This clearly gives her an edge (so to speak) on working closely and with marvelous detail. It makes perfect sense to those who are inextricably linked to their craft.

We look forward to seeing all that evolves as Angie walks this path of light and reflection as she shares her talent and beauty expressed in her work as a glass artist. Thank you, Angie!

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