Saturday, May 7, 2016

New site for Beltane Moon

Greetings, earthlings! Beltane Moon is excited to announce the development of our new site .

At this juncture, the new site redirects to our shop hosted on etsy. Exciting developments will continue to offer the same quality products, plus new items customers have been asking for. Expect to see

  • new body jewelry styles & designs
  • body jewelry tools 
  • piercing kits
  • after care products 
  • jewelry care products
  • art & extended applications (mugs, cards)
Beltane Moon's autoclave sterilization service will extend to qualifying products such as tools and piercing kits.

Why change? Beltane Moon has outgrown the increasingly limited and confusing parameters of the etsy platform. While our presence will remain on etsy, our new site will transition to a more inclusive, fully functional site to include:

  • secure SSL encryption payment
  • optimized customer service
  • product line support
  • alternate shipping options
  • return policies on guaranteed products

We loved etsy, but we grew to love our customers more. Beltane Moon owes a gratitude of service that is not available as a cog in the growing wheel of our previous platform.

Join Beltane Moon on the new journey!